this is actually a wondefrful thing to have because if your very horny like me and you cant get a person this feels right . i mean all i need is sex anyway also things can feel good just by touching them you can get excited just by touching something . and what i like about it is it will never so no to me i mean it will awlays say yes i never have to worry about it saying no i am not interested in you . i have done this alot in the past but i stopped because i thought i could get an actual person what a joke people are mean
kevin5678 kevin5678
1 Response Aug 6, 2010

It's all good because I like doing it on the wooden floor and on the tile floor lying facedown on it humping in my bikini underwear briefs and I do love doing it ali so I'm attracted to the nice shiny tile floors and the shiny wooden floors laying facedown humping in my briefs until ******* in briefs yes it's normal!!