I "discovered" humping at a young age, I had no idea what it was called just that it felt really good and if I did it long enough i would get a special feeling. I humped my pillow, stuffed animals, blankets and varied other items. I still do it today from time to time but not as much as when I was younger,

What I like to do now when I have time and privacy is to start touching myself until I'm good and wet and then I insert a vibrator with a snug fitting pair of panties to keep it in. Then I straddle a body pillow and hump away.
I let my ex tape me once and it was his favorite video.
Msmare Msmare
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Very hot. Thanks for sharing !

What a vision.. Beautiful

like your story

Good to keep all the parts in working order, including the big O machine.

What an utter delight!

Sorry, I'm coming from left field but Hump Day reminds me of football practice. Everyones tired. It's Wednesday, the last "heavy hitting" full day before Friday night. Practice is nearly finished with gruling sprints left. Coach, "what's today?" Team, "hump day". Coach, "what's that mean?" Team "half way." Coach, "what do you want?" Team, "go all the way!" Coach, "how do you get to go all the way?" Team, "make her happy coach." That always cost us extra sprints. Hump Day!<br />
<br />
Thanks for the story Msmare.

Now thats the kind of story I like.

You must love the fact that tomorrow is "hump" day. lol

Anyday can be "Hump" day around here LOL