I've done this since I was 8.. I'm 13 now. But anyways. It feels soooo good lol and it's kind of embarrassing but I love it.
One of my best friend's and I, Shelly, used to make a game out of it. She would stay the night with me all the time so. But like every night when my parents were asleep we would be like "hey let's play 'the game.'" and so we would like get a story line going and then get one of those pillows with the white beads in them and hump those until we orgasmed aha.. Yeah. But I still do it. I can't help it. And after I'm done I'll like cuss myself out for it I don't know, it's like I feel weird after I do it so I'm like "seriously alexis? you're so stupid." haha but now that I know it's kind of normal I don't feel as dumb. ;)
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Message me I'm the same age ;)

how often do you pillow hump?
also pm me please? bc i think you are extremely beautiful

It feels good humping pillows it make u feel good

I wish I had a friend to do it with

My first ****** was with my pillow and I still do it because it feels so nice.

Me too.....i love to hump the corner of my bed.....

I love doing it too.. try put something like a sock in your panties, right on your c-l-i-t and then hump it.. it's so hot;)

I've been humping pillows since I was about 6 or 7 yrs old. Still love it today!

That's so yummy baby ;)

Nice one.....hump the night away...

It's not stupid to want the feelings of ******, it's an amazing feeling. Society makes us feel guilty for enjoying it but there's nothing wrong with doing it.

That's so normal,keep doing it and don't feel bad about sexy. ;)
add me please,I'd love to get to know you better. ;)

very cool that u still do it.

very cool that u still do it.

No, you're not dumb, just normal. Many girls have made the same experinces as you.

Anything that makes you feel good & gives you ******* isn't dumb :).