Best Feeling Ever

I started humping my stuff animals at 11 I wasn't so sure what i was doing all i knew was that it felt really amazing! Not until I grew out of my stuff animals I started humping pillows and bed sheets. I love the feeling the softness under me. I also love when I position the the pillow or the bed sheets just right, it feels like a penis and i pretend I'm having sex with a man riding him in cowgirl position. Thanks to my to my ability to do the splits, i sometimes just hump my bed and give myself the most wonderful ******! :)
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2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I started jumping my teddy at age 14. Best feeling ever. I love showing people how I do it. Love being watched. Have you ever been watched??

I think you will get turned on by being watched. I've done it for a friend, girlfriend and a sexual partner (male couple), and loved it.

Sweet. I'm about to go do a round on my teddy soon.

the padded arm of the sofa was my step daughter's favorite spot