I've been doing this for as long as I can remember, this dates back to late primary school. At some point I convinced my childhood and best friend to try it with me. Only this time, we humped each other for a while. I suppose she got bored but I recall her in passing saying she humps the edge of her bed. Of course, we were both very clueless about sex then (other than having seen/watched ****) and so I didn't wanna blow my cover and ask too many questions so I let the conversation die.

I tried her bed humping, it wasn't for me. And so I kept humping pillows. For a long time. Of course I thought felt/thought it wrong but I wouldn't stop. I thought it was sick and so I would keep it to myself. And I have. I think this is the first time I've openly spoken about it and it feels good.

I would call myself an internet person, I'm online a lot, but funny enough, finding other pillow humpers had never crossed my mind. It was while talking to my gf on the phone. Out of nowhere (or maybe I hadn't been listening to what she was saying) she tells me that there are actually people who hump pillows. Of course my interest was piqued. And so I'm here. Writing this what you read. Thank you for reading and sharing your stories, I feel much better. Do you think I should tell my girl about my pillow humping ways?
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I've always had a great deal of attraction a sexual attraction to big soft down pillows. Have always wanted to go to bed with a woman that's much older than me and molest her pillow in front of her and to the point of her getting extremely sexually aroused maybe a woman between 60 and 65 years old. I Ga that hasn't been intimate with a man for many years. Exploding on her pillow and asking her to lick it off of her favorite pillow.

how often you do it?

been doin it all my life,, stills feels good

yes me too. since about 14. i am glad i am not the only one

Amazing to discover we are not alone with the various 'special interests' we all have!

Seem that pillow humping is pretty widely enjoyed by both sexes. I started humping around age 6, and haven't quit. Enjoy!