A Naughty 9 Yearold

 on my 9th bithday my dad bought me a giant stuffed yellow dog i loved that thing and all the things it provided. i had older brothers and sisters so i was already sexually curious. my parents just thought that he was my fake friend. but he was more than that he was my sex partner. lol. one night i had watched one of my brothers movies in my room alone i had to sneak it because he didnt like me taking his movies so i watched it late at night. in the middle of it there was a sex scene and i felt a rush in my pajamas and i got freaked out so i took off my shorts and explored what caused this i looked at the tv  screen and copied what the actors where doing onto my dog. i sat on the floor and placed my bare vagina on dogs crouch (that was his name) th woman was moving her body up and down so i decided too at first slow and then i loved the pressure and softness of it so i went fast and hard . i didnt know then that this was called humping but it was so pleasuable i began to do it all of the time. i practised kissing, oral , sex , humping and many more. after a while i figured out that my vagina liked penetration i forgot about dog and invested in hairbrushes.
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5 Responses May 19, 2012

like to read more hot story

I used to imagine it was another girl I was humping

Same here

like your story

When I was like 9 or 10 I used the pillow;)

Yeah, so is vibrating back massagers;) lol

i used to use a pillow and fold it in half

a rounded object?