Coffee Shop Mania.

Wow. I was sitting a coffee shop the other day and the idea for this subject group for Ep came to me, as I sat there looking around a very crowded, very noisy cafe. I realized that for the younger generation, hangiing out in coffee shops has become a huge fad. Someplace to go to Not because they like the coffee, or for someplace quiet to study, contemplate, read...etc...but for someplace to hang out. They of course buy coffee style products while they're their. Something sweet, high in caffeine, but not all that coffee-ish. So that they won't look like freakin idiots sitting in a coffee shop and not drinking COFFEE! Anyway as I sat there looking around I thought to myself about why I was in that place? I like coffee. That simple. Which I didn't happen to order coffee that time, another coffee style drink, but that doesn't negate the fact that normally speaking I prefer coffee, plain n simple. I enjoy the quiet atmosphere that coffeeshops used to offer. I enjoy being able to sip my coffee in peace and read my book or newspaper or whatever and not have bunch of teenage kids being so bloomin loud thatI can't hear myself think. Sheeesh! If you don't like coffee and your just looking for a spot to hang out with your cronies. Go to the park! Go to the Mall! Go to the zoo! Somewhere that its ok to be obnoxiously noisily annoying and nobody will care, because it's expected. Don't go to the local coffee shop where us folk who actually like peace n quiet while we're sippin our brew and relaxing in peace(or just waking up) will be startled, like a deer caught in a set of headlights, by your rudely loud noise.

Skyelillie Skyelillie
26-30, F
Nov 16, 2008