My Friends Mom

So, my friend has a really good looking mom and she's always very welcoming, always asks me to come with her and her son to go places, just an awesome person. When i first met her this was early on when i started hanging out with my friend i instantly took a liking to her, i mean as beautiful as she is. A few weeks ago somthing that i read all the time on these forums happend to me. I knocked to see if my friend was home and his mom opened the door and said no he's not here but you can come in if you like, right there i got a feeling. She asked me to help her clean the dishes and i said sure no problem, i was a waiter so i had no problem. After that she went to her room and i just sat in the living room for a min when she said "Would you like some wine?" again i was blown away i said sure i love wine. So we drank wine in her room, looked at tv and looked at some magazines and through that time she was taking out perfume add's and asking me to smell them, etc. I felt great hanging with her and my intention was not "Holy **** im going to have sex with her" it was just a chill out feeling. So after about a half hour of hanging i told her i was leaving so she actually walked me out and stayed right behind me and gave me a big smile. And also forgot to mention that after we were done washing the dishes she grabbed mt hip and held on for a few seconds because she almost slipped on some water. I dont know if this hang out time ment somthing else other than hanging like a future message but otherwise it was cool. Im just wondering if this was like a preview sort of thing or she was just being nice
evh78 evh78
May 14, 2012