Where Are You?

You are so clear in my minds eye... haunting my dreams, my waking hours. I see hints of you in those around me. Yet you remain elusive.

Once I thought you were mine forever.But fate intervened and now I have only a few precious memories , elusive wisps of your touch, your taste the haunting melody that was your soft sweet voice. An occasional whiff of you scent upon the wind, startled I turn and look .

Lazy Saturday sex seems so far in the past! Long lanky legs like a colt, your crooked grin and sexy once broken nose courtesy of a horseback ride.

What made a goody two shoes girl like you, school teacher.. come to love a man like me? For a time I was the luckiest man alive.

I am angry at you for allowing fate to overtake you so. At the great I am for taking you from me.  At myself for not guarding you more closely, taking you away to a safer place.

This is a bitter cup .....

I will finish later sorry


Sandman2030 Sandman2030
46-50, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2007

What a beautiful tribute to what must have been a beautiful love. My good friend left us last December. He is missed greatly and last night a phone call from an old friend of his brought it all back. The friend didn't know he was gone. School teachers and librarians are many times "miscast" in this life. We do love our "outlaws".