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I can always go for some Oscar Wilde or some Gregory House. My only complaint with House is that sometimes it's so quick and witty that I miss the cerebral smackdown and have to look online for the text of the show to fully appreciate it.

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7 Responses Feb 28, 2009

I love me some House. I love the characters personality so much that I dreamed of him one night. LOL<br />
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I was shocked to find someone so similar and oddly enough was not immediately attracted to him physically. We had(make that HAVE) great witty banter. No small talk hows the weather or gossip we get right to the punchline. Back and forth. So quick witted with each other that when I did become attracted and we started to converse we text I kid you not and entire weekend non stop with only an 8 hour break for sleep. Unfortunately about 6 weeks ago he ended things and by varying consequences of action are in a "just friends" zone. I am about to move over 2000 miles away. :( I feel I need some distance to move on as he wants but I don't want to give up the mental connection and our witty banter.

I've seen me some scrubs. It was fun, but it wasn't for me. It felt too much like I was watching a SNL skit making fun of House. I think House is just as funny, it's just a different funny. Scrubs is more slapstick.

'Will and Grace' was fabulous for its witty banter.

Don't diss my hero :P<br />
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Hater! lol

Don't be assimilated Betty. You must resist the House Obsession.

The next time you have more than a few days off, I command you to rent the first season of House on DVD. <br />
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Speaking of, you ever watch Mockingbird?

House is the bomb. Imagine an impossibly smart and brilliant witty misanthrope who hates people and is 100% atheist... working in a hospital surrounded by people who pray.... hahaha<br />
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House gets the best of everyone, the verbal slams on that show are brilliant and hilarious, and his cold, lonely logic make him my absolute hero. <br />
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You would love him.