I Can't Believe I Got Paid For This.

My dads friend is an independently wealthy (millionaire), more importantly a genius. He has came over to the house every now and then since I was a kid. He is the kind of guy that masters something new every week. Masters to perfection. A few things I remember, He used to buy medal puzzles, the kind that come with no instruction and figure them out within minutes. We were playing ping-pong in our basement, he found it interesting within a week he was back and studied Chinese form ping-pong. Now that I think about it, he reminds me of those beer commercials about, "The most interesting man in the world." haha.

Anyways, he designed blueprints for the new house he was building, he didn't like the way the general contractor was doing things because he had to correct him a few times, so just got licensed to do it himself. He hired my brother to help him with the electrical stuff in the basement bending conduits. He placed an outlet every six feet in his basement, I wondered why? He did that because the standard length of any cord coming from a lamp etc, is six feet, and that way he would never have to have an extension cord. The beer garden he built on the back of his house he designed on a downward slant with little slits that went down to his sub-pump so he wouldn't have a hard time cleaning the floor. He could just take a hose and spray anything down. He put the window on triple sliding hinges so that he could make two of the three windows slide across as if there was never a window there so you could look out on his numerous acres of land.

I could ask him about anything not only would he have an answer but it would lead into a long story of selecting and coming to the most logical and precise conclusion. I asked him about stocks and he told me some really good investment ideas about dividends, and also about a friend of his that hooks up a super computer next to the stock market. They design programs for the computer to sell stocks at fractions of seconds. The program buys and sells stocks and thousands of shares the moment it goes up by the slightest of pennies. It runs the last five minutes of the stock-market. I asked him about what notebook was best to use for pages to stay in tact, he told me about the exact kind he used to buy, who designed them, what price they were at certain years, and that they no longer are sold, but there are similar ones in alternative brands found in certain locations, but the faults with them are they sometimes and often times are only carried with perforated pages now etc. etc. but that's how his mind works.

I worked with him for quite some time cleaning out window wells, cutting cabinet fillers, cutting out cabinets, I can't believe I got payed to be around such a great mind.

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