Do You Have Secret Hungers? ?

There are times when I see a certain kind of woman and the Hunger rears its head. sexxy can be from young to old it is an earthy force that catches my eye and engages my mind. Sometime it comes when it is not welcome, a friend or a friends wife or like that and I must me on guard to make sure the wolfishness does not show. I can appreciate the sensuality of a woman at long last without making her aware of it. Tis like watching a great symphony. It may be beautiful but ya don't have ta screw the cello player. Now the sweet lil violin player is another matter entirely.

Sometimes i wake with fresh dreams still resonating through my mind of someone long gone but so fresh in my mind.  They are strangely comforting as if I am touched by her across time and space.

I have this feeling for someone who I can never have for a multitude of reasons . Even mentioning them would probably make her so uncomfortable I would lose a life long friend. Yet we are so close and I cant risk crossing that line. Shes nothing like my normal type per see. She is a tom Bot who never grew up and my life long friend and makes me crazy hot. Silly as hell really cause she likes what I like, "gewls" hahahahaha

Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
56-60, M
1 Response May 4, 2007

hubba hubba... a long lost crush... how very sweet<br />
<br />
Now where is she again? I'd LOVE to meet her... *sharpens claws*