All Hurt Me Now

  1. i have one sister who is shama i love her bt i dont know why she always hurt me on every moment now i feel may be she earn more camperison me so she has come in ego.

  2. i have  one person i love him who went to uk leave me.i dont know why always leave me or hurt me.i cant share any problem feelings with any person no one is for me

  3. shama  says to me my nature is not good i am dirty why she says to me money is so big .person ,relation,love  are not in place in human beings.oh god  i cant tolrate this .i am big  bt i do not earn money now so all family members  give me touchers why

  4. plz god  i wont be live plz i want one  is my

  5. or plz become me able for my family.i love mine family i think more about them bt now my luck is not with me so all give me abuses

  6. i want to go him i miss him god


lawboth lawboth
22-25, F
Mar 16, 2010