Listen To Your Feelings You Are Not Crazy

Hello everyone, I am 26 years old,have never cheated on any man, and I am 3 1/2 months pregnant today! Guess what else happened today, I found out the father of my child is cheating on me. I had the thoughts and feelings that most people have when they just know that something isnt right. I confronted him and he of course denied it and said how much he loved me and our baby on the way. I believed him because I loved him so much and wanted to be a family. Well, he texted me last night and said he needed a ride and how cold it was out. I was so tired but thank God i gave him a ride because he left his phone in my car! This morning, I had a dr. appointment and got in the car. Lo and behold, on the floor of my car was his phone and you bet your *** i took a look. Well, there it was, messages from a local junkie bagwhore(small town pop.5000) saying "come in, lay down with me" and other disturbing **** like "the only time you wanna touch me is when your ****** up" blah blah. Oh my lord i was devastated! I smashed the phone to pieces and threw it in a dumpster outside the dr. office and as fate would have it there in the dr. office parking lot i saw the bagwhore's sister i said hey can i talk to you and told her i knew about everything and that i never want to see that cheating piece of **** again. She said I know I understand and said she would relay the message to her **** sister.As it turns out he has been lying the whole time and shooting up with her and lord only knows what else(he's a former addict, who supposedly quit,but come on people,I said addict). Wow! I didn't know what to say. I got my appt. over with and went to his house, he lives with his mom,he cracked the door and i stood there with the tears streaming and said i broke your phone I read the messages and know everything ,it's over you will never see your baby! and I left. I got home, and I cried and just felt the worse pain imaginable so I had to call my mom. Mama! he cheated on me, my baby isn't gonna have a daddy! was all I could say. She showed up and comforted me and said it's all for the best a daddy isn't the ***** donor but the one who comes along and cares for your baby. (She's right because she was 22 when she came to the U.S and already had a 5 year old little boy(my bro) well, she ended up meeting my dad and he adopted my bro and 2 years later I came along.) As she is telling me this and I am sobbing there is a knock at the door and it's the father of my baby. He is obviously upset, but is still denying everything about the cheating! Can you believe it it's just like one of those cheaters episodes when the cheater denies everything even though it's all on camera. Rediculous. I tell him to leave and my mom does the same and says if he comes back she will call the cops on him for harrassment. He leaves and I am just torn to pieces, what a day I have had. At least i know the truth now and believe me the truth sets you free. I am going back to the clinic to have a check-up I hope that sick **** didnt give me anything! How could he put my health at risk? My poor little baby inside me, that is the person I worry about the most. Well, anyway, that's my story and it happened today Thursday, March 11, 2010. I just need some support and to feel better, and writing it all down really helps. Thank you for listening and wish me and my little one luck. I guarantee you I will never go back to that ************ I can't forgive cheating.  

truthsetsyoufree truthsetsyoufree
26-30, F
Mar 11, 2010