Damaging An Ego?

  I talked to a guy almost two years, through text. We didnt meet in person until recently. The reason we finally saw each other, was because we had exchanged pictures, and knew we were both turned on, so we wanted to meet and ****. This became our thing. He claimed he wanted to be my friend also. We tended to have long conversations about random things, but we just enjoyed talking to each other. He held me at night all night and frequently kissed my face while I was sleeping next to him.  One day a girl contacts me, and she told me that she suspects we are ******* the same guy. She had been his friend a few years, and they just happened to **** off and on. Since they were personal friends, she didnt want him to see me anymore. He did not want to risk loosing a close friend. He agreed and told me he couldnt see me anymore. That really only lasted about a week. He decided he wanted to see me, as long as I didnt tell her. He was so worried I would tell her. She had apparrently told him that I was contacting her still. I explained that that was not true, she initially contacted me.  And he and began to see each other again. I would always get there and he would be getting drunk, or gettting high. Either way, I didnt care, because he was still fun. We would talk a while before we even ******. We had long conversations. Hes a musician, and we are both very similar when It comes to music. (experienced). We talked about many different things, while watching a comedy that he loved, cuddled up on the bed. He would express endearment. I knew his endearment was fake.He was a very egotistical and arrrogant man. I knew that  I did not actually mean anything to him. One day I recieve a text, from that girl that was his friend. it said (You will be happy to know that the situation blew up in my face) Apparently from what I heard from him, they were not friends anymore and that she was F***ing crazy. That he couldnt handle it.  I assume they got into a fight about something. I assume about the fact that we had both been ******* him. He had previously learned from me that when she said he could not be my friend, she was texting me, telling me she didn't mind me being his friend, but that I would be stupid to wanna be his friend anymore. And that she did not want to be his friend. She was feeding me anger towards him so that she could keep him. He and I were nothing but friends with benifits. **** buddies. No stirngs attached. That was our arrangement. He kept being endearing, after i asked him not to be. I asked him to stop messing with my emotions.  i got tired of it and told him i couldnt do it anymore, because I had gained feelings.  After a week he was trying to contact me. He said he missed me and needed me around, because I am comforting, he would do anything I wanted to prove he wants to be friends. so i went back into the sex with him. He got weird the next day. We used to frequently text, but he started not wanting me to text him. He said he didnt want me to act like a girlfriend, and text him all the time. I wasnt thinking like that. I just thought since we were friends, we could still text like we always did. He told me that he had been worried that I was going to make things complicated. that I was becoming ridiculous by texting. I told him this "I dont understand you. You say you want to be my friend. Yet, you get upset if i text."He said normal friends do not talk alot. We agreed that I would not talk to him so mucn. *Ha*Here are some of his quotes:

"Well, it doesn't seem to be working. Your emotional side is getting the best of you and it's forcing you to act irrationally..."

"You're not treating me like a friend. You're treating me like an obsession. Or a boyfriend."

  "I still want to be friends no matter what, mind you.I do like you.I just don't want to complicate things if it's at all avoidable".

"I told you going into this this would happen, you wanted to go forward anyway, we did, and here we are finally. The question now is whether you can handle just being a regular, platonic, casual friend.Like we originally agreed?
       Me: I can certainly try. But you have to stop calling me your property.

"Two days before all of this when he first contected me to get me to come back, he said :

" I like your eyes, your smile, your ***, I like YOU. Take it or leave it."

     The next  day I decided to tell him what I thought of him. I sent an egotistical poem:

Human males with big egos are not hard to be found
One might say of them in numbers they abound
Egotistical males dismiss as effeminate males who are gentle and shy
And that they feel challenged by cultured people not hard to understand why
Patriotic by nature and towards aggression inclined
In the egotistical male a war man you will find
Not known for humility and enlightenment of soul
Of their relationship with others they need to be in control
Though for to meet them I do not go out of my way
Human males with big egos I meet with every day
There is nothing about them that is humble or meek
Their big ego surface the minute they speak
In pubs and shopping centres in park and on street
Egotistical males I so often do meet.

Francis Duggan

Then I followed it with my own words: Just a little note to you, in regards to yesterdays conversation: So let me get this straight, we are friends, but I cant talk to you? How does that make sense? And if i do, you begin to think I am obsessed with you.....Thats quite a big ego. Oh so arrogant. I don't want to be your friend. To be my friend....you need to be worthy of the greatness that I offer. Thats just how it is.

 This conversation was on facebook. I sent the poem and the message to him, then deleted him from my friends list. Not long after that, I wanted to go to his profile, just to see it. I discovered that he blocked me. He actually blocked me. My friends are saying that what I said pricked his pride/ego. They are saying that because I actually took control and pointed out how egotistical and arrogant he is, his ego dad to have been damaged. So he cut off all ties by blocking me.
I keep wondering if that is really the case or not. I am a bit shocked by this whole thing.

savvybt7 savvybt7
May 10, 2012