And I Don't Care!

The X just showed up here to take my car. He's picking up "MY" kids (his words). As if his little swimmers had nothing to do with them. I bet he can't spell "reproduction" and certainly doesn't understand it.

Anyways, his latest announcement is that he will be out of a job. Then he comes in here asking if I paid the preschool (money from him), I said yes and he replies with "Well next week they may start staying with me". EXCUSE ME? DID I MISS ANOTHER MEMO? Uhhhh I don't think so. "Oh well I can't pay for the preschool if I don't have a job"... OK easy enough I tell him... "GET ANOTHER ONE!" I guess this p^ssed him off because he stormed out of my office mumbling profanities under his breath and, being that he was about to get into my car, I followed.

If he would have let me finish he would have heard me say "I found you a great possibility". My boss used his connections to get him a 90% chance at a position at one of our body shops. It's entry level but they pay great and he can learn body work and move up. The 10% lies in his interview skills, which I'm sorry to say, lack a lot! So I tell him all this and he tells me "I'm working on something dealing with driving trucks... I'm a truck driver." Well actually you aren't... you're unemployed so you're actually just a bum! If I needed a job that bad I'd work at Billy Bobs Chicken Foot Diner... you do what you have to do to survive. He needs to take this job and if something better comes along so be it. At least an income would be available in the mean time.

GGRR!! I'm so freakin' frustrated! I can feel the arm going numb just talking to him and I know he's gonna take my blood pressure to a new height! I just can't deal with a fourth child right now and I'll be d^mned it my children are going to be pulled out of the school they've been at since birth. I can't stand seeing kids flip flopped around... and what if they loose their spot? I know I'd give it away if I were them, to a family that paid in a timely fashion. I make him pay $75 extra a week because in July I found out he was in the hole $1200! It's obvious they love my kids or they would have been out the door.

I gotta end this before I end up with a book! I can go on and on about this man as he is the roots of all my problems!

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Been there, done that & I can feel your pain bit time!