I Hurt My Self and Found Me

I came to last of my ropes .
I was to the end .
I had nothing in my life to live for.
I had no kids and my freinds they had there jobs and I just wanted to die.
I could not fined in thing else to live for.
And I put my self in the hospitle so they could help me.

They change my medicine.
And I did alot of thinking.

I got out and there is a recovery for  your hurts pain and hangup
12 step program.
I was to last rope.
And I did not think I be back to that again.

It is from a church and I went back to church.
And I told my self I never go back.

But I finnally got so bad.
I did not have a freind.

And I got to the point.
Who is going to be there to walk me to heaven and have his hand open.
I got to the point I never thought I ever would be in my life.

I have all ways been strong and I relised I was not the pereson I wanted to be.
Drink on weekend just 1 beer. And who was I fooling. And with all the medicine I was taking .
And been a diebietys.

I was lost and I found me calling the 12step and told them I need this program and I need to be right there.

I h ave been going for 5 weeks .
I am stronger and my friends can see the differents.

And I never thought I feel so much better.
And I never thought i feel so good. And not alone.
And when I died that jeuse will be with me and there be friends that meet will be there.
When I thought I be alone.

It is some thing else when you lose your self and what the last rope does to you.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
5 Responses Jul 24, 2007

Did you ever sponsor someone else ?

No. No one ask me. I am here to talk to people .
and listen.
I was not asked be for.
I be live in high power.
If i did i have to study the 12 step in my book.
And it works for lot of things.
And I am doing better .
Because I do what I was told in A.A and the meeting help
And I go. but i can not find a ride.
So that stops me a lot .

And there is one on the internet and stop that.
you have help me lot for come in my life and thank you
for looking at the step and read and see what I can do
for my life.
But I am free lot of things when I be live in a High Power
good luck to you.
If you need to talk to some one then write to me

Did you have a sponsor ?

yes i did , I don't need it in more.

That was 7 years ago .
And It is different now.
My life has change.
I am doing better .
And I hang in there .
I am so better.

Which 12 step program ?

I am not in a 12step program in more.
I am just doing what i learn in the past.
And learn lot of it.

that was 2007 I was surprized what i wrote.<br />
i came long ways since.<br />
ands now i have boyfreind.<br />
and i am not doing to well.<br />
i can not breath .<br />
but it is going to be ok.<br />
i love jeuse.<br />
and it is going to be ok.<br />
and i know he will be there for me. <br />
<br />

Good For You for admitting you need help and actually seeking it I wish You the Best