I Want To Watch Other Men Hurt Her Nipples

My wife has very large nipples, and they're always erect and visible through her clothes. I hurt them regularly to punish them for being too large & too obtrusive, but she never learns. I want to watch other men hurt them too. They can abuse them however they'd like, and do whatever else they want to her, but they have to be willing to hurt her fat stubs. Would love to hear others' ideas about what kinds of treatment they deserve.
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Would enjoy those erect nipples between my thumb and pointer finger. I would like to squeeze them and hear her moan in pleasure

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I love long nipples. I like to pull on them and pinch them very hard. Twist and turn them. Bite hard on them.Long nipples need to be stretched.

Cool. I'd love to watch you chew those ******* things.

nipple rings my friend, Big Fat Nipple Rings!

you wanna skewer 'em?

crocodile clips

hmmm so lemme say u use a leather belt 2 hit d sides of hr breasts nd turn dem red nd dn fix needles in her breast nd squeeze dem as hard as u can.....

Nothing she could have possibly sustained in her past would amount to how I would destroy them... Get in contact with me and I'll damage them beyond repair.

I want to see her tortured. I can show you more of her online: nippleclamp4@yahoo.com

I've sent you an email. Upon request, I will detail the methods by which I would torment and ruin them if you wish to meet.

Now I'm curious

Curious about...? My malicious tortures are rather... severe.

Message me would love to know some ideas

How I have nipples that are in need of hurting

Your nipples need some pain? I would be more than happy to give you as much torture as you could possibly crave.

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Those are great nipples! Pull them out and clamp farther back, make them longer!

Kiss and suck them till your eyes roll back in your head.Hoping the Honey Hole is next


Glad you like.

Damn I'd love to chew on those!

I would love to suck her nipples and lick her ***** for hours.Show her how much a woman needes to be taken care of.

Your wife has some great nipples to play with and hurt so that the pain goes straight to her **** making her drip with wetness. I would love to put some metal clamps on them so that they are squeezed hard. I want to hear her whimper as they close and tighten down around her big ******* nipples. Then I want to place a clamp onto her ***** lips with a small chain that connect it to the nipple clamps so that she has to stay slightly bent over. The chain will be slighty less then the length needed so that if she stands straight up she will pull her ***** lips up and her nipples down. I love her ****..

No, but I'd love to watch you do it.