So Fed Up!!!

Well today I have so many mixed feelings about my life and how I should live it.I married so young and I love my husband very much,it just seems as if we are in two different places sometimes.I am so fed up with empty promises and i will's and later baby i promise when later comes and still nothing,ughhhh...I get so frustrated with him and I have talked and talked to now I am done talking!!! I have really considered just leaving him for awhile just to see if his promises would ever come full circle..I mean after almost 13 yrs and helping him with his kids and dealing with his horrible,vindictive ex-wife is it so much to ask to finally make me and my happiness a priority.I have dedicated my life to him and he does not seem to appreciate anything I have done for him.I have had his dinner on the table when he came home everyday for 13yrs and his clothes are clean and put away.I have been his maid,lover,best friend, personal chef,and up til a yr ago i worked a 40 hr week to and still managed to do the other stuff with no help from him...I can not work anymore and now when I need his help the most I have to nag him to do it and most of the time he still don't...So now I am wandering is this the man I want to raise a child with, he is really making me question his commitment to me and his love for me,I need to know I can count on him and so far he hasn't shown me that he is there for me and willing to help out.I pride myself on having a clean home and being a good wife and having his dinner ready for him and things like that,he never has made me do any of those things I did it because I love him and I felt he deserved it that way,but I am really thinking he needs to see what life is like without me ,and how damn good he has it..I always felt that marriage is suppose to be 2 people working together to make it work in this crazy insane world,if I have to do everything myself what in the heck do I need him for..I never needed him for anything before now, I wanted him but if he can't step up I guess I need to step out...
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1 Response May 16, 2012

i think it's a good idea to 'disappear' for a few days...he will miss you, maybe he's just taking you for would be good for him to come home to an empty house, empty bed etc....and i agree that marriage is a partnership...

Yes, sometimes us as men, do not realize what we have until it's gone. I would agree with prettyinpink here.