Do You Ever...

Cry so hard at night when your family fights over stupid things?
Yell at the world to get rid of all the anger you have inside?
Hurt so deep in your heart you want to rip it out?
Give everything you have and have it thrown back in your face?
Trust with all your heart and have it shattered every time?
Love the wrong person and hate all the right ones?
Wish you were dead?
Beg to a God you don't believe if for some salvation from these turmoils?
Scream at the sky because you can still see it?
Snap at the people who try to help you through your pain?
Hope for a friend who can take your bullshit, through thick and thin?
Pray that your pathetic life will ever have some significance?

I do...
N0vaK0i N0vaK0i
22-25, F
May 22, 2012