Broken Promises

On the eve of the night we met, I asked for a promise: "If you ever break it off, do it all at once, in person. Don't hurt me any more than that." He promised, and we fell in love. So much so, that he made another promise, a promise to take me home to meet the family. He told them about me... and... they denied me and threatened to keep his son from him.

"It's okay," I said. "You don't have to keep that promise," I said, certain that he loved me and that he would keep it. At first, he did, trying to compromise with them and keep his promise.

They won. He broke his promise, and left me here: a freak not worthy of a hand shake or a hello from his family. Now, he is planning to move back with them to be with his son, and says that we will be okay long distance.

A broken promise, uncertain of the night we met's promise, uncertain of love -- the ring I wear feels heavy and sad.
TonitheFreak TonitheFreak
Sep 7, 2012