Cheating On the Internet

I have caught my husband cheating on me twice. He had his profiel on a dating website and was chatting with women , until I caught him. When i confornted him he was apologetic and sadi he did not want me to leave, but it was not just the chatting on the website he met someone on it and htey were calling each other on the phone as well, he claimed to have stopped that hte first time and in March this year I caught again !!


we then seperated for a while and back together again, trying o make it work, but what a rollercoaster because at the same time we are trying to have a baby and the hurt and pain keep resurfacing al the time!

The trust is gone , and that is the hardest thing because at times paranoia sets in and dealing with your thoughts become impossible. His family are manipulative and if they could help it they would have me out the picture permanently

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We have been trying for a baby for two years and there have been insermountable stresses from his family!!!<br />
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but I do love him and know that he is a good is me that have to start trusting that again, i realise that my thoughts are destructive and as a human being am trying to keep my marriage together the best i know how. And deep inside I know he is trying to do the same too

why are you trying to have a baby if your relationship is in such a rough patch?