My husband is a foreigner. I love him so much and I know he loves me. Although, I know he loves me, I feel alone around him now. He is a stranger to me and we barely kiss, hug, or even talk now because he is obsessed with other things. How can I be so sad when he does not he me or cheat me, but rather only neglects my needs?

I also feel like a loser. I have been struggling with depression for so long and it suffocates me. When I feel I have beat it finally, it creeps back up and there is a voice in my head that says it will never go away. I am trying so hard to succeed and finish my school. I am so behind in my life. I am 24 with no career or job and I am physically sick. I still believe in God, but I am so lost.

I have made friends, only to lose them. I feel lethargic and I have trouble getting up, but I am fighting even when I hurt so bad. If I can find what I am searching for, find a stable life, and make true friends....Will I find happiness then? Will I ever be able to fix my broken heart and my marriage? I don't know, all I know is that I am hurting, but I try anyways.
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Things can be solved out. Do not get frustrated. Don't go to doctors or psychologists for these reasons, they are a waste of time and money. If you believe in God stand firm in him. Just check the following, go every word in it line to line. You will be having your answer.

Talk to the man....we all got needs and im sure he.l understand...after all he's not blind...dont give up...pick somethin small about what u wanta change and start there but once u start getting there the confidence wil like u n ways but u just gota think positive as hard as it may seem :-)