I hide EVERYTHING inside. sure ill let the close ones to me have a lil inside info, but then i push them away. i write (sometimes i dont) all my feelings, if someone said something that hurts me i wont say a damn thing to defend myself. My own boyfriend says a lot of hurtful things to me but i never talk back or get into a fight i just keep my hurt feelings inside. All bottled up.

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I'm the same way up to a point. but when I've had enough, I've had enough.<br />
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I write too, but in a journal/diary. Sometimes it helps me to think deeper about things. Other times it just helps me get the frustrations out.<br />
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And sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.

That's a hard way to be, and I surely do agree. I am very much the same way. It has just been this last couple of years that I have been doing my best to learn how to share the emotions inside. It's scary and it it laying yourself wide open. I think with me, it has always been trust issues which fall right into my personality. I can give tirelessly to others, but to accept for myself and share what's in my heart is a whole other matter.<br />
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You are not alone. <br />
I find the music of Josh Groban to be very emotional and at times abstract. It helps me get in touch with my inner emotions. Maybe you can find something to help you get there too.

You need to share your feelings. If someone says something hurtful, lots of times they don't realize it, it's ok to say "Hey, that hurts me." That's not talking back or starting a fight.