I hurt some one willy bad so on October 26 2014 I am going to kill my self for them I want to do this in woods where no one can find me people and people want me to do things and I done with that
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Even I don't know you well enough, O know you shouldn't do that as you're too worthfull for all people around you, I hope you changed your mind so you don't want to do this anymore.

You can't go through with this. What about your friends and family? And the person you hurt? If they find out you did it for hurting them they might feel guilty for it. I don't know you but surely you have someone in your life who would care.


What? I don't get what your saying.

Parents are died

Oh man I'm sorry. I just didn't understand.


I'm sorry I just didn't understand. That's awful.

I lived with my 5 sisters 19 year bro and 3 brothers

Wow. That's a lot of siblings. Surely they would be sad if you offed yourself.


That's why you shouldn't do it. They would be so sad if you died.

What's your name?

Emily y

hi I'm Cody. Nice to meet you.


I wanna be friends with you so I hope to at least change your mind on this.

Idk yet

It's fine I don't expect you to change your mind immediately, but I came on EP to make new friends and if I'm gonna help you I figure I'll make you my friend too.

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Not a quick way to go if your legs break your fall.

Then there's the slow bleed out. Your young too young to die like that

I... Um kinda think this is fake.


You seem a little to goofy 😋


I have too I am going to jump