Once You Question You're Beliefs, Your Question Your Reality, Your Existence

I was truly close to her. The one person i felt a connection with i am losing in my life because i pulled a curtain over myself the entire time. But how can i not. She believed in true love, love at first sight. At first, i did, but evidence and breakthroughs in neurobiology prove other wise. I guess that in the first place i never believed in anything until proven, because deep down thats truly who i was. I wanted to believe in love for her happiness, and of course mine. She did make me happy, always. I love spending my time with her, and if i could spend every day with her i would. However things over time began to get complicated. As i graduated, i set a course for complete success and to have few to no failures or setbacks in life, since things that were completely out of my control screwed up my high school life. It was with help. Parents and school systems in many places do not know when to back off and let a child struggle to survive and to thrive. Help is truly what made me struggle in the first place. This help landed me in community college, thrown away. I refuse to become another government statistic. I had dreams, goals, a future that the school system took away. I guess that my work had gotten in the way of love, and that brought out my true personality, the one i never wanted her to see, ever. I had warned her long ago, but she denied that request. Now that she's seen it, she's deeply hurt and questioning life and her reason to exist. I am deeply sorry, and wish i could change her views back to which the once were. Set back the clock, change everything, so that her happiness remains full
loverOfScience loverOfScience
18-21, M
Dec 2, 2012