I Push Everyone Away.

i hurt her, the only friend i had that really cared about me. just ignored her until she gave up on me. but thats what i wanted right? we don't even talk anymore like at all, and it just makes me more depressed with everything else. I'm such a ***** jeez i knew this would happen because it does with everyone that gets close to me. god i miss her. but she's better off without me anyway its not like I'm gonna try and talk to her. maybe when I'm skinny enough she'll like me again, ugh why do i think like that :c
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

If you care about her, then tell her . Let her know how much you care about her. Convince her to forgive you. If you want to stop being depressed you have to face the situation. Be bold and tell her. Good luck!

I dont think you should never talk to her again, why give up a good friendship? Why did you push her away if you care about her so much?

Chill out yo. Watch some comedy on youtube.