Life Hurts

But how else would we know that we are alive...?
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4 Responses Aug 14, 2010

WarriorMom -- I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter (((hugs))). Sounds like you have a great outlook, which will help you through.<br />
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Crafted -- yes, I think there is some truth there, in that the more we are open to life, in whatever form it comes to us, the more fully we experience it. When we close down on life due to pain, we also shut out much of the joy that is available to us.

Life can be tough, like it is for me right now with my daughter's cancer. But I can also feel joy spending time with my grandchildren. Thankfully we can do both at the same time. As I'm sure you both know.

Hi Legalities -- I couldn't agree more. This story is certainly not representative of the things I generally write about. But sometimes we do hurt. And how we view this hurt is a choice we can make, as you rightly point out. Thanks for adding balance to my story :)

We can also feel alive with tremendous joy, peace, and happiness, an option I would rather have than all the hurt.