My Brother Michael

He was three years younger than me but we were in tune together more than we were with all the others. I don't know what it was, it just was. We were the only two with auburn hair, the others were all blondes. Maybe that was it....
No matter how far apart from each other we were we each knew it would only take one phone call and the other would be there.
I'll never forget the day he bought a brand new Harley Davidson. "Come on Sis, come for a ride." I sat on this monstrous bike and my feet couldn't reach! "No thanks," I told him. "But I am honoured to have been the first female to have sat on it." We did laugh. He was a bit of a ladies' man.
My other brother actually had a motor bike before Michael but he "only" had a Triumph. He taught Michael to ride actually. They went to a little "village" one day for the Sunday session. My other brother was riding pillion, giving him instructions. They got lost but spotted this lady on a corner and decided they'd better stop and ask for directions. (Very unusual! They were men after all.) Which they did, but with one problem. Michael forgot to put his feet down. The bike toppled over right in front of this lady with both of them trapped underneath. Cool as a cucumber, Michael looked up at her and asked for the directions. She was so surprised she gave them to him.
One other occasion, which always makes me smile, is when my Mother's best friend and her husband were holding a party. They were caretakers of a large property and so had a very long driveway. We were all sitting outside, and I was sitting next to another friend of my Mother's friend when we all heard the roar.
"My God," she exclaimed. "The Bikies are coming!"
I just smiled quietly to myself but turned to her and said "Excuse me, they're my brothers." We still laugh about that today.
I used to tease him about being a "Bikie", and he took the bait at first:
"I'm not a Bikie, I'm a Biker. Big difference Sis." And I would just smile.

Then the fateful day arrived.
I was actually at the movies with a friend after work so had turned my phone off at 4.00pm and had forgotten to turn it back on again.
My Mother lives next door, another long story, so when I arrived home about 10.00pm I was surprised to see all these cars parked outside. My first thought was "Mum's having a party and didn't invite me. She must have won lotto or something."
I parked and got out of the car. That's when I saw one of MY oldest friends emerge from Mum's. I knew immediately something was very wrong and I froze. He came over, wrapped his arms around me and said:
"I don't know how to tell you this, except bluntly. Michael is dead. He hung himself."
Everything inside me screamed! All except my voice.
He said I just stood there for about 30 seconds and then I collapsed.
By 5.00am me, my Mother and two other sisters were on a plane up north to console my other brother, who had found him.
I was so angry with Michael. If only he had waited so I could talk to him. I had tried to contact him the day before but his mobile was redirected to his landline and his landline was redirected to his mobile. He obviously had it all planned. Why didn't I pick up on that and simply jump on a plane and go to him? Hindsight is always crystal clear in retrospect, sadly.
I wrote him the longest letter and placed it in his coffin. My beautiful, intelligent, kind and sensitive brother.
And to this day I cannot bear to even contemplate watching the sequels of the movie I saw that day.
Zoranna Zoranna
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i won't lie, while i was reading this... i couldn't help but wish this was just a very well written fictional piece to tug at ppl's hearts. That being said, as i read through it I ciuldnt help but hurt for this girl and her what if's. How can one survive such an ordeal of a person that meant so much? I know people survive this kind of stuff all the time but since this has not happened to me (thank heaven) I can't even imagine the strength it takes to go through it. I see these ppl as... well., with awe and admiration. I am sorry you had to live through this thank you for sharing and like for every encounter of a life story or person that has gone through so much that i come across, i leave with you a tiny little peice of my heart. i know that sounds ridiculous but... for ppl like us, that is kinda what we do when we feel what the. other feels. ty again

Sorry for your lost. I don't have any brother or sister, I wish I did. Guess your families are more closer than before. Did you ever find out why he did it?

Thank you.

I cried at one of the most moving stories I have ever read on this site. I had no idea about this and this story made me incredibly grateful for my three sisters, but sadly knowing this will come to all of us one day whether me first or them. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful tribute to a much loved brother whom you will always miss. This story definitely touched my heart and beautifully written.

Thank you. It did take a lot to put it out there, but I'm so glad I did. It was a relief for me to tell the story but I miss him every single day. It's just too, too sad. :(

Well done for getting that out there Zoranna. I know how hard that was for you.

Thank you Mr Unquestioned. I'm glad I have now. :)

!!!!!!!! No words! The pain, my friend...I felt like this punched me in the gut, twisted me up in a tight ball of feelings. <3 Thank you for sharing.

No, please don't feel like that. It was just my little tribute to him. But I do miss him every day. :)

I meant it in the best way - your story is touching, not devastating. A lovely feeling tribute.

Thanks. Hopefully he's read it too and is smiling. :)

I wrote a tribute too, just the other day. Come read for my friend!

Okay. My pleasure to. :)

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