He Hurts Me In So Many Diffrent Ways

like i said before me and my boyfriend started dating in a very young age. We have been through so much. Ive done some pretty dumb things in my life the couple times he left me. Going through a heart break while your at school is not easy. Everyone knows about it and they notice when u aint together and they start talking. YOu have those people that have been waiting for da moment wen u and ur boyfriend end it. So ur pain makes them happy. 

When my boyfriend ended our relationship after 11months he broke my heart. I remember dat day like if it was yesterday. The words he told me when he broke up with me over the phone i remember so well. He was my first kiss and my first boyfriend at the time. well i called him da 26 of august  (da summer of junior year)cuz i had heard from one of my homegirls dat she had seen him at skoo. By da way i was waiting so anxiously for da 30th of august to see him we were supose to go together to skoo to register. When she told me that i called him rite away. He answered the phone and i asked him what was up how come he had gone to school without me he said i gota tell u something he said " im starting to go out more with my cousin and ive bn meeting new people" dat broke my heart till this day it still hurts me when i think about it and i cant help my eyes geting watery. I said okay and i hanged up. i broked down right after i hunged up. I couldnt stop crying. I dont know why it hurt me so much wen i knew it was coming he send me all the signs. I would call him he wouldnt answer hes fone i would call him non stop blowing up his fone and nothing. Leave him so many messages.

Well anyways we started school and i was hurt i didnt want to go. Just the thought of cn him hurt so much. Well i ended up going. i saw him around school he was like nothing he seemed happy. laughing flirting with girls even with my friends. But i tride not to show dat it buged me. dr were few times where he would say hi to me hug me and give me a kiss n the cheek.  Their was this time after school where i was with my girl talking and i seen him from far away. But the closer he got i acted like i didnt see him. I was pretty sure he had seen me too. Well he got close he passed me by well i thought and he poked me in da back. so ofcourse i turned around he askd me how was i doing i said okay. So wen he was taking off he hugd me and my dumbass for that moment forgot we werent together so i held him and was about too kiss him he noticed but he kinda backed off so that woke me up and i felt dumb but hurt at the same time. After that it was either ignoring each other wen we would see each other at skoo like we never happen. Six months passed by and one day he came up too me with a letter. so my heart dropped and i took it. I had done some pretty stupid **** during dos passed 6months. i hooked up with one of the guys he talkd too he was really nice and we were talkn for a koo while dn we ended up hooking up. i remember i felt so bad after that i got home and i started crying and one of my girls was with me she asked me wat was wrong i told her i felt like **** i felt like i had just cheated on my ex...she looked at me she was like "wat?"..."ur not with him. ur single ur not suppose to feel guilty. hes proably fuckn around with so many girls. and ur hear crying cuz u feel guilty" stop crying. but she didnt know how i felt inside. it didnt feel right. well i stopd talkn to him i didnt feel rite so i just slowly stoped talkn to him. i felt so lonely i felt like i neede someone to b with. so hurt. everynite going to sleep and him bn on my mind. wen i would wake up he would be the first ill think off wonder off. i started going out with my girl going to the mall doing girl things chilling with her friends.well anyways i started talkn to some other guy and it was obvious he wanted to get with me. so i was like w.e and he would talk about my ex saying stupid ****. that he thought he was the **** cuz of the car he drove. and stupid ****. so i ended up hooking up with him too. its funny cuz i would only hook up with them once. and it would get weird after that and i would slowly stop talkn to them. 

well he gave me da letter i was so nervous so scared kinda mad cuz he gave the letter i was asking myself y? after a few minutes and i was done staring at the letter i opened it. it said something like y r u conceited now y did u say u will always b dr for me and ur not. and some other stuff. and im thinking wat.  i couldnt believe wat he was saying. he pushed me away. hes da one dat would ignore me. didnt want nothing to do with me.so i wrote bak after dat we started talking again. broke up started talking again broke up and so on


ders more to this story.....ill continue some other day.......f u guys want me too...

babiiegirlheartache babiiegirlheartache
18-21, F
Nov 4, 2006