Its Kinda Gloomy Day

        Its kinda sad if we'll have somebody who dont know us best.Somebody who doesnt realized our existence. Someone that we have yet its out of our hearts reach.It's kinda frustrating to be involve in a certain relationship where you only be the one who'll be trying the best for it to work.It's really unfair in particular that he comes into your life and taking some promised to protect you and will be taking care of you.After those sweetness then everything turned out w/ nothing as if nothing happens and will never be sensitive of what we felt.The person that ive known before is totally different w/ the person that am dealing w/ by now.Wanna break him up but i'll be the looser because i cant even let him go coz am being trapped w/ his love.I just need to pray for this terms to be done and be fixed.Am still hoping at the end that everything will turn right

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2 Responses Jun 26, 2007

Until I read the book "He's Just Not That Into You" did I understand how guys think. They put out the signals and you need to interpret them correctly. You cannot make anyone love you just because you are lovable. I did ask my husband "do you want to work on this relationship"? Point blank. He said point blank, "I do not". At that point I knew all was lost and that divorce was the only thing left to do. If you get a chance - read the book - it will open doors to perception you've never known before - or watch Greg Berends show (spelling of his name is wrong). <br />
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Best way to cure yourself of a love affair gone bad is to get another one.

Things will NOT get better if you just sit there and hope that everything will be resolved by itself. <br />
If your guy doesn't want to work on the relationship, then he's not invested in it, which means that the relationship isn't one of his priorities. It's your call whether you want to stay, b/c it's very understandable you love him & it's not that easy to drop it. It's your call to be the one who's after him and be treated this way. At some point, when it will become unbearable, life will push you to some direction, if you're not ready to push yourself. Maybe it's about time to gather your courange and tell him everything you feel, without being afraid of his reactions.