Hurt Me More

i have bottled a lot of emotions inside me that

people won' t ever know
you may see that i am in pain but what you're

seeing is just a drip from an over flowing

torment loaded
what does not hurt you won't kill you
and here I am, trying to get killed
and it turned out to be something that made

me even more stronger
I've been wanting to give up
and been wanting to let go of this burden
but the more i want to
the more i appreciate why am I going through

all this
and this way, I am starting to take back the

love I've been wasting to people who does not

deserve getting it

hurt me more, indulge that rapacity you have

and i am loving every bit of imbecility that I

am today. Do not wait for the time to expiate

all the grief you've caused me, coz you may not

want to see how I will rise from this downfall

and you will not like the aftermath of your

sweetsca10 sweetsca10
26-30, F
4 Responses Jul 20, 2011

thanks :)

WOW! GREAT!'s quite hard but i feel even more stronger going through all this :)

Very nicely written. Sounds like we're on the same page:<br />
<br />
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