Yeah Unfortunatly I Do.....

I hurt in to different Forms.. I hurt Inside, But I also tend to hurt the people I care about.

When I say I hurt inside, I mean that It feels as if the
world has Given up on me. It's a Scary Feeling. To feel this way Because
Then you want to give up on Life. The Feeling Of hurt isn't a Feeling I enjoy or wish on anyone. It's a sad feeling. It's a Cold,Dark Feeling. It's as if your weeping on the inside and screaming to be set free.

Then I hurt the people I care about. Sometimes I talk without Thinking.
I also Do things that make people Hurt. For Instance When I drink, I loose all respect for myself, For Those who care about me. Most important I Loose myself. I let the Poison take over my body. And I become someone
I hate. It hurts my family, my BF, My Kids, Everyone who watches it or Heres it. Because I Become Arrogant, Stubborn, Trashy person. And it Tares My families heart out.

I also Hurt people with my Attitude.
I get into this "I don't give a ****" Moods. Where I won't speak and if I do I quote "I don't care" Or "Whats your point". When I get Like this. It Hurts
The one person I care the most about. Because it tells him I have become cold and dark. And it seems as if I have given up on Life. It makes it hard for us. And Never results good.

So yeah I Hurt and in more than one way..


matthewsmommy matthewsmommy
18-21, F
1 Response May 27, 2008

We hurt, but we also heal, and we love. I'm sorry that you hurt, and most times want to just hold you in my arms and take the hurt away. But despite that, you still love, and you still forgive. With hurt comes growth, and wisdom. Funny I think, but then again, it's perfect.