Unrequited Love

I hurt because I feel so guilty about not having anything to be hurting about. I just got back from a fab holiday, where I fell in love for the first time in over 20 years ! not even a holiday romance , just a brief hug from a gorgeous , nice guy that made me feel more special than I have in years.  I never realised how much I missed that and now the pain is so intense I can hardly bear it. I've been back a week now and still cant deal with it. There are so many people with far more genuine rearsons to hurt, but I dont know how to start to heal. I'm crying as i write this and feel so stupid.
crystalkate crystalkate
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4 Responses May 3, 2007

give thanks for such a wondrous feeling. we all get our giggly moments. cherish every moment of it. :)

Awww. It's OK. It's OK to feel what you feel. A wise friend told me we should not be scared about our emotions if we are in control of our behaviors. <br />
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I concur with telling it to some friends or perhaps starting a journal about your feelings. It's always good to get it out. Also good to take care of yourself, perhaps take a walk, get a facial, start a hobby? It's always good to love yourself. I feel your pain, if you want someone to write to, I am here.

dear crystalkate,<br />
its just the first wave, which is usually this strong. the feeling will fade away with time, though your heart would at times start beating faster when memories come back. but its going to be alright.

Don't feel stupid because you hurt - and don't feel guilty because you feel you have nothing to hurt about - you do!<br />
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We are, each of us special, and we love to be told we are special - but for many of us that is not part of our everyday lives and we hide that need away, sometimes so deeply we forget all about it - then along comes someone and makes us feel so special - and we want that feeling every day - lucky are those that have that......<br />
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How do you start to heal? Share your hurt with your friends, with us - tell us about your holiday, where you went, who you went with, and why you got a hug off this 'gorgeous bloke' and why it made you feel special...<br />
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I know it's not the same but...<br />
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((((( hug )))))