it's a daily fact of life for me.  i hurt.  i hurt in places i had no idea could hurt.  i didn't have the foggiest notion pain could be so debilitating!  it came as an enormous surprise to me.

i was injured 3.5 yrs ago.  the affects are far reaching and developed into a 'condition' which in and of itself causes more health problems and pain. 

i live on medication and other than weather, i find stress and emotions are my strongest triggers for flare ups.

it's very important, and not many realize this, that we keep our lives as low maintenance as possible, that we weed out as much stress as we possibly can, that we avoid situations if we can that will cause emotional triggers.  but more than anything ... we need to learn to deal with our emotions and stress before they get out of hand.  otherwise the body will find a way to release the distress caused.  many times this results in headaches, nausea, ulcers, flu-like symptoms, etc. 

in the long run it's much easier to deal with emotion and stress at the onset rather than trying to repair the damage they can cause to our bodies.   

the brain is a mystery ... become pro active in your own life, put your brain to work for yourself and don't allow your grey matter to complicate your health.

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1 Response Jun 29, 2007

Hi Constant,<br />
I am so sorry that you hurt. <br />
You're very generous to share your experience. This post is filled with wisdom. I agree, all that suppressed emotional stress has got ot go somewhere-it just stands to reason. <br />
I've heard of a pain clinic, I think it's affiliated with UMass. I'm going to see if I can find out more about it and send you the link.<br />
I recently had a 3-day bout of full-on vertigo, and you're right-you don't realize how debilitating it can be unless you're experiencing out of control pain. <br />
Do you meditate? Have you tried alternative therapies? <br />
I wish you didn't hurt. I hope you can find some peace today.<br />