On My Own

I had a normal life living with my girlfriend our young daughter and two sons who i brought up since they were young they classed me as dad as never met their real father. about 6 yrs into our relationship my girlfriend started going out with her friends drinking on the weekends. when she came home she tried and assault me this started happening regular after she had a drink. i thought it was undercontrol as she being a woman couldnt physically hurt me that much. this went on for a further 4 years with me leaving and her begging for me to come
Back and shed change. Two years ago this relationship came to an end. I caught her cheating on me in the worst way i could. after the split she would phone me and text me telling me how she was seeing different men loving sex and basically putting me through the grinder. for the 1st year of the split i had break down its now two years on although i dont hardly have those horrible thoughts anymore i do feel alone and totally lost my confidance just want to cry for no reason. It still hurts that i cant see my little girl everyday ive gone from being the guy always up for a laugh to inside the guy thats finished with no hope. just can never see any light at the end of the tunnel.

droid206212 droid206212
36-40, M
Dec 5, 2012