I Thought I Made The Right Choices...college, Marriage, Baby, ....oh Where Did I Go Wrong?

I met my husband in college, and quickly he bacame my world. He was an international student from Russia,and opposite of everyone I've ever dated. Smart, funny, financially secure, and handsome. We waited for months before we became sexual with eachother as he wanted to know that I truly loved him before making that big step. I fell head over heels in love with him and knew this was the man I was going to marry. Fast forwarda year and that is exactly what we did. I also wanted to assist him in becoming a citizen of the USA but that was never a topic when we spoke of marriage. We transfered from UNLV to FAU in palm beach Florida and decided to finish our credits there. After being married for 2 1/2 years I found myself sitting in the bathroom taking a pregnancy test. I was pregnant and my husband couldn't have been happier! I had never seen him happier than the day I became pregnant.
8months pregnant and ready to have our child already his mother comes to be with us for the birth and to help us with life. I have never met his parents being they were from Russia but what better of a time then when having our first child. His mother quickly became my best friend. I had not had a mother that was a positive role model in my life so in a way I considered her to be that woman
His parents were elated about the birth of our daughter, I even named her after his mother. A few days following the birth his father arrives. A vert well to do man, rather intimidating to most but the sweetest, most generous man I've ever met. They buy us a 500,000.00 home, cars, furnish the home with any and everything we ever dreamed of and even bought us a business to have to start us right in this tough world.
to me I was living my fairy tale life. I felt nothing would ever ruin this for us.
I was wrong. See my husband had lots of preassure from his parent's to be successful amd that preassure made him rebel like a child. He started fighting with me, doing cocaine, sleeping with other women, and eventually moved me out of our home so he could do anything he wanted.
Our daughter was in Russia at this time with his parent's. She had went the summer prior and every summer she was going to go so she could know her culture and be with her grand parents that loved her more tham anything.
back in the US, everything was a disaster. I had zero control of anything as my husband made sure of that from day one. I never thought he would use that against me in the end and leave me broke, homeless, and without our daughter.
I saw my daughter the day after her 2 nd birthday, she is now 8.
I call, write, email, contact lawyers and none of them wamt to take my case. I applied for a visa over 25 times and get denied every single time.
I don't know what I did or why they decided that I was not ggood enough to be in our daughters life. Its been hard for me. To get out of bed every day is hard.
3 months after my family left me, my father and my best friend died of cancer. I lost everyone and everything I loved.
Its so hard for me to do anything and I don't know if I will ever be able to let this go. I need to get my life togehter but when ur penniless and have nothing, not even a home its hard to get it togehter.
Anyone out there who has beeb through this that can help me in any way please do so
I am at my last rope here and I want to get myself back to livong life as I should be. Doing but the pain of tjis loss had affected me greatly.
jvendi jvendi
31-35, F
May 12, 2012