My Wife Enjoyed Being Naked In Public

Many years ago I went to the Algarve with my wife. Late afternoon one day we found a small beach with nobody about. After much persuading my wife ******** naked, apart from a baseball hat, and went in for a swim. I ******** and joined her. I got out of the water first and dried and put my shorts on. My wife was still swimming when another couple came onto the beach. They were staying at the same hotel as us and we had had drinks with them the previous night. I stood talking to them when a couple of guys from the hotel joined us. My wife shouted to me to take her bikini to her in the water. I laughed and said no. After a while my wife walked out of the water and up the beach. She made no attempt to cover herself but strode up the beach to us, completely naked. She said hello to everybody and kissed everybody on the cheeks, which gave the guys the opprtunity to hold her shoulders or waist. We stood around talking and the guys openly staring at my wife's body. She then agreed to pose with the guys for photgraphs. I took quite a few and still have them. Amazing photographs of my naked wife standing with a clothed man on each side of her with their arms around her. The last few photgraphs were, at the two guys request, of her holding them and kissing them on the mouth. After that she said that things were going too far and got dressed. Back at the hotel we had great sex before dinner. My wife said that it had been an amazing experience and she had really enjoyed it. Later that evening we met the other couple in the bar and had drinks. We obvoiusly talked about my wifes naked show. The other wife said that she was jealous and wished that she had been naked and hot the attention that my wife had received. We agreed to meet the next day and go to another beach where nudity was permitted (it isn't now). I went to sleep that night feeling very excited about seeing my wife naked in public again.
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I had a similar experience with my wife who resisted the idea of being naked until see saw how much attention she got from a couple of guys staying at our hotel. She also seemed to flaunt her nakedness by playing with them in the water having contact. I took a picture of them and she resisted at first but then wanted some suggestive ones. She said to take a shot of her kissing one of them and I did but the kiss was longer and got more heated. She was embarrassed when she turned around to me and the guy had a hard on. She backed into him to cover it up and to make matters worse his **** went between her open legs. She did not move at first but soon began to move enough for his **** to slide back and forth across her *****. At one point she stopped and stood still as the head of his **** was at the entrance of her now wet *****. She moved just a little at a time until the head was probably inside her, I could not tell except she was biting her lip and had that sex dazed look on her face.

She suddenly got worried about me and moved forward but waited for his **** to get soft before stepping away. We went back and she ****** me like an animal and we said nothing of the earlier encounter. We took a nap and then I got up first and took a shower. She went in next and I walked out on our patio to get some air and ran into the guys from earlier. We had a beer and then my wife walked out toweling her hair dry and wearing only a pair of very see-thru panties. She did not cover up as she had been totally naked before and leaned over and gave them both a kiss. They were leaving in the morning and asked if his friend could take a picture of them so he would be able to tell some story when he got home.

My wife was all for that but did not want to be on the patio where others could see so we went inside and she laid down on the bed with a sexy laugh. He laid down and kissed her and also removed his towel and was completely naked to my surprise. She got very into the kiss as his friend took pictures. Then he put his hand on her breast at the encouragement of his friend. She did not protest and seemed to get hotter by that move. He then moved his hand down to get inside her panties and she grabbed his hand to my relief.

But then he put her hand on his hard **** and she gasped and stroked him and he returned his hand to her stomach and then down inside her panties without protest. His friend snapped away and I could tell she was wet and he had some fingers inside her as her ***** made that familiar sound and she was grinding a little on her fingers. At this point I was worried about what was next as this was farther than I had expected already.

He started sucked on her **** and continuing to pump two fingers in her *****. She was still stroking his **** and getting past any thought of what was going on. He moved down to her panties and pulled them to the side and began eating her out. She was in full sex mode and was grinding on his mouth. He moved on top of her before I could blink and went full in with one gasping thrust. I could not believe that I was watching my shy wife ******* a stranger in front of me. He came hard inside her in about two minutes as he was really worked up and just laid there kissing with his **** still in her. He got off and arranged her panties back in place and his *** load drained into her panties.

She then came to her senses and looked very embarrassed by what had happed and they both left feeling the uncomfortable mood in the room. She asked if I was upset with her and I said yes but then she said,,,so why is your **** so hard? Great I took of her *** filled panties and tossed them on the floor and had the **** of my life. I was tired and took a nap with her and felt her get up and go to the drawer for a new pair of panties. She asked me if I was still tried and she wrapped a towel around herself, picked up her previous panties and said I will be right back I want to give him the *** load panties as a present. She came back two hours later, with no panties on under her towel and gave a embarrassing grin that she felt sorry for the other guy so she ****** him and then the other one again because the first time had been quick. She gave each of them their trophy panties.

Now back at home she always wears short slip dresses and her lingerie drawer is full of see-thru panties. She is always letting someone get a good look at her panties but sex at home has never been hotter. She still emails the guy from vacation and I came home and saw her skypeing him nude and finger banging for him. I got upset and she said what is thee harm he has ****** me twice so this should be ok...

What do I do now. I still get a ***** whenever I think about it?

Wife and I were at a nude beach in California she wanted to tan all over so we found a nice cove were was no one around just a occasional person walking by. We were naked walking the beach so just put down our things and got comfortable. My wife wanted to tan her private parts so she had her legs spread wide enjoying the warm sun she had only a hat over her face laying out totally exposed to the world. She told me if I see anyone coming up on us to cover her shaved smooth privates I said OK and she napped while I read my book. after a while I see a guy walking the beach not far from us I paid him no attention and was going to cover her but decided not to I found it more and more exciting as he got closer and closer getting a very good look at her. He walked passed us without incident on his way back he came much closer to us and had a fantastic view or her nakedness I enjoyed every minute of him looking at her.
At home I told her about the incident and she could not believe that I let it happen but I could see it also excited her. She asked me if I enjoyed that and I said very much so and that she looked fantastic . We had a night of great sex talking about our escapades that day and are planning more in the future.

When we go to the beach, we try to find areas like that where you are far from the crowds and can try to tan nude without problems. I laughed reading your story because it has happened to us so many times. She will tell me to wake her if anyone is coming and sometimes is watching anyway, so she covers up. She has fallen asleep and said the same thing....just cover her until they go by if she doesn't wake up.
I find it quite erotic that she can fall asleep on her back with her knees up and her legs wide open to tan everything. And just like you, I will see a guy jogging or wading in the water that is pretty far from where we are laying. Is he even aware that we are there? Is he really going to be able to see us that well? So I don't cover her up. She gets mad sometimes, other times she doesn't. I KNOW it is a turn on for her.
I wrote about one time when we found out it's a small world after all...
Thanks for sharing....

That sounds like an exciting vacation for the both of you! The thought of others looking at your wife must have been so thrilling for you! Hope youhave more vacations like that... Can't wait to do this myself one day soon!

are those pictures available for us to see and enjoy ? apparently your wife would enjoy that, yes ?

I had a very similar story with my first wife. We found that nude beaches were very freeing. She also liked to show off her new found freedom and very tight body, After the first day of sun bathing nude we were back at the hotel getting ready to go out to dinner. She felt very good about herself and how men liked to look at her. That night she wore a very short dress. It was just long enough to cover her buns. As we were leaving the restaurant, just before we were at the front doors, she stopped and said how tired she was. She yawned and stretched her arms over her head as a sleepy person would. To my surprise and to those in the restaurant looking we all got a free view of her being naked under her dress. I realized the stretching was all an act for her to give one last show of her nakedness.

Thanks rroger2. My wife likes the idea of her adventures giving a man an erection. She hopes that you ********** thinking about her. My wife and I really had a great sex life, however, I didn't realise the half of it as I didn't find out about her sexual adventures till many years later. I think that she's told me about all of her adventures by now. Now that she's much older (mid 40s) she doesn't do it any more. Her **** and bum are a bit bigger; otherwise she's still got a very sexy body. I am trying to persuade her to have some glamour photographs taken for me. She has spoken to a photographer in another town who does a lot of glamour shoots for wives. My biggest wish is for a photo of my wife, wearing stockings, suspenders and high heels but otherwise naked, with two men. I’d prefer the men to be naked but if they’re clothed it would still be a turn on. The photographer has said that he’s got two friends who would be willing to pose with my wife. She hasn’t decided to do it yet, but I think she likes the idea of it. The only down side is that she won’t let me be there. If she goes ahead I’ll post the story. I’ve still got a few of her stories to post.

Wow, I have read all your stories (in reverse order, unfortunately), & got a 'stiffy' reading about the adventures of your your wife. Why don't you show the pictures of her, she sounds well worth sharing.

My wife spent a lot of time walking about the beach and a few times she spoke to other people. It was quite a turn on, watching my wife talking to male strangers whilst she was completely naked. I had also taken all my cloths off and my enjoyment was plain to see. I spent most of the day with an erection. It was only with the most incredible mental strength that I managed to get my **** limp enough so that I could walk down to the sea. The other couple that we were with were a bit older than us, probably inj their late 30s but were in very good shape. S**, the other wife, had wide hips, incredible **** and a flat stomache. She quickly removed her bikini top but it took an hour to get her to take her bikini bottoms off. He husband S**** took his shorts off quite quickly. Soon my wife and S** were walking about flaunting their naked bodies. I remember lying on the beach with a massive errection watching my wife and S** talking to a couple of guys and thinking that I was going to **** her sensless as soon as we got back to the hotel.

We did go to the beach the next day with the other couple. No sooner had we put our stuff down than my wife had ******** completely. She said that she was off for a walk and strolled down to the sea. When she got to the waters edge a guy said something to her and she stood chatting to him. You could see him looking her up and down, especially staring at her **** and *****. She looked to be enjoying it and turned round in front of him before he looked up to see me. She then went in the water for a quick swim before she walked back to us. She said that she had enjoyed the attention and the guy had suggested that they go in the water so that he could feel her under the water. I asked her why she didn't let him and she said that he would if he came back.

the story 'beach' is some what where we started the experience that you left off! great times ahead for you two. let it flow every one enjoys the show