My Wife's **** On Display

I have always been fascinated by topless ladies on the beach. Maybe because of a sheltered upbringing, I don't know, but I have always found the sight of a woman displaying her breasts to whoever happens to walk by, very sexy indeed. So after Paula and I were married, it soon became a fantasy of mine to get her one day to go topless. Unfortunately she also had a sheltered upbringing, so for years I got nowhere, apart from the tease that "One day, maybe!".


Maybe 6 years later we were going on a camping holiday to France. We were going with another couple, good friends of ours, but at the last minute the other wife pulled out due to a sicky pregnancy. Much to our surprise the husband, Les, elected to leave his sick wife at home, and came with us. We thought he might be a real gooseberry, but in fact he was fine. Most of the time he did his own thing. We would hang out at the beach. He would explore the town, returning to us every few hours to show us what he had bought, or tell us what he had eaten.

Of course, being France, every other woman was topless on the beach. So I got on to Paula and eventually, after several days, YES, off came her top. I was in absolute heaven. Altough her **** were white at first, there they were, on public view. And being lovely and large, they were clearly admired by all the men who went by, which turned me on no end!

Although she was now happy to have her **** ogled by strangers, every time Les appeared she would put her top back on, much to my dismay. Les wore a bright Hawaiian shirt, so unfortunately for me she could see him coming a mile off. So for about 3 days her top was off and on. Then one day I saw Les approaching and turned to see the top going on. But no, she was asleep! I thought it was unkind to wake her(!), so the first she knew Les was standing over her gazing in awe at her bare ****. After a few embarrassed minutes, she was cool, Les had an eyeful, and I had a real hard-on!

So it was that Les was our first friend to see my wife's naked ****. We had a great holiday. The top wasn't used again. Her **** went a lovely brown, and strangely Les spent most of his time from then on with us on the beach!

Over the next few years we had several holidays abroad, and she always went topless. But she never would back in the UK. Indeed I had given up all hope of persuading her. One day we were next to a very attractive mature lady who removed her top. I thought I was in for a good afternoon, as she was close to me, but much to my surprise, and with no attempt at persuasion on my part, Paula said "When in Rome..." and whipped off her top.

This was one of the best days of my life. Paula had her **** out all afternoon. Loads of our friends came up to chat, and I enjoyed for the first time those stilted conversations you get with a guy when he can't take his eyes off your wife's ****! Brilliant. That day broke the ice. From then on she was always topless on the beach, we always had lots of friends coming to chat or sit with us, and I was always fairly turned on.

It wasn't long before other wives were joining in, and there was often a whole group of topless women to admire. But it was always Paula's **** and the guys' reactions to them that I enjoyed most. A few years later things got even better, as I at last persuaded her to walk around the beach and swim topless. This of course meant she was displayed to a lot more men. I loved to walk with her, watching their stares and trying to conceal my hard-on!

This idyllic life lasted maybe another 5 years or so. But as the years went by things went slowly downhill. We got older (some would even say old). Going topless became unfashoinable. We don't get to the beach as often as we did. However, when we do, she still goes topless, though only if it's fairly quiet. And she no longer walks around! We often prefer to stay in the garden, where she is happier to get them out. Sometimes a friend or a delivery man catches her out without a top, to my great delight...what a bonus for the poor guy! She still has super ****, a bit bigger and floppier now, but still great. And on holiday abroad they still come out all day everyday, so I can't complain!

Over decades now I have been turned on by men looking at my wife's bare ****. I can't conceive why some guys want their wives to cover up! I sometimes ask Paula if guys admiring her **** turns her on. She always says no, she doesn't mind doing it for me, but that's as far as it goes. However, after a day with her **** out, it's amazing how wet she is down below, and we always have brilliant sex. I reckon she's as turned on as me!!!!

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Im thinking of going topless on holiday. I really want to turn my partner will it work and will it be sexy and hit me doing so..

I'm geting up and age and my wife does not like taking her top off at a topless beach only once she took her top off at the big Iland at black sand beach .then this guy came right over and she put her top on.she did like the beach because lots of men were bottoms and she like that. Over the years they hangdown more but I love them verymuch