Grest ****

My wife has great ****, always has, always will.  They have gotten bigger over the years and as far as I am concerned bigger is better.  I surprised her a couple of years ago and took her to a clothing optional resort.  She stayed but she wasn't happy.  She didn't mind looking at all the naked men, but as she said last night.  "If I was 36-24-36 again I would go in a heart beat"  So as much as I would like to take her on holidays where she could be naked or topless, until she says she is willing to go it won't happen.  Of well, life goes on

PS The fact I would love to see her naked or topless on holiday because I like looking at her no matter her size or shape is a nice thought but does not effect the outcome.

gettinsum1 gettinsum1
56-60, M
Feb 22, 2010