First Time Watching

I've never told the story of how I first watched my wife, T, when we were starting our cuckold/hotwife life. It was accidental and, to say the least, surprised the hell out of me.

At the time, T was working at a hospital lab on the evening shift, which ended at 11:00 pm. It was part of her PhD program to give her practical experience. The staff routine fell into partying each Friday night at a friend's house, Roland, especially in the summer months since he had an aboveground pool. It was usually just the staff and not spouses, but Roland had asked me to stop by anytime I wanted to. Finally I decided to take him up on his invitation.

It was a very hot, humid night as I drove to Roland's after midnight. His backyard and pool were very well shielded by the landscaping and trees. Throw in a moonless night and it was very dark there as I drove up. I could hear partying noises, but, for some reason, decided to just slip inside the yard and see what was going on before announcing my arrival.

What greeted my eyes when I got used to the dark, was that there were about 12 people there in various stages of nudity. Some were sitting and drinking on a screened in porch and several were playing in the pool, with lots of drinks on the adjoining deck. No one noticed me, so I just remained in the shadows and watched. T was in the pool, but she didn't have any of her swimsuits on, none that I recognized anyway! She was topless with very erect nipples. When she swam to the side and hoisted herself out onto the deck she look sleek as a otter, water running off her back and legs. At this point she had a paid of sheer panties on, which hid nothing, being soaking wet.

On reaching the deck, she took a big drink and motioned someone out of the pool. It turned out to be her boss, Blair, who was completely nude and sporting a large sized erection. I'd started to suspect an attraction between the two based on T's conversation about work, but this was not what I thought it was. She reached over and took hold of his ****, leading him to a recliner where they both laid down. Soon it was all out lust going on. T removed her panties so they were both nude playing with each other on the recliner. Along the way another guy climbed out, also nude, and sat down to watch and drink.

By now, T was enjoying Blair's **** as he pumped in and out of her **** with great energy and relish! She was grunting at each thrust and pleading with him to **** her harder. Suddenly, he stopped, pulled his **** out with an audible “POP” and told her to get on her knees. When she was, he quickly thrust back inside her ****, only he was obviously deeper than before. T wasn't begging for him to **** her harder now, just grunting with each bottomed out thrust.

What happened next amazed me! T gestured for the third guy to come over and took his **** in her mouth. She was now spitted between the two of them – Blair ******* her **** and Rob ******* her mouth.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing or how I felt. I was enormously excited – no jealousy, just incredibly hard watching my wife being pleasured. And she certainly left no doubt that she was being pleasured!

I left without joining in, waiting for her to return. When she did, I enjoyed the finest night yet, ******* and sucking her, knowing I was at least the third to do so!

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10 Responses Jan 29, 2009

Did you have any idea she was getting ****** by other men before you saw her? Did you tell her you watched?

Without a doubt one of the hottest and best stories I have read on EP! You're portrayal of what you saw was do had my **** hard in my slacks instantly! Thanks!<br />
Having just shared my wife in a 3sum two weeks ago after 41 years marriage...I know how good this can be! <br />
I did 3suns with many married couples for over 35 years but finally got to see my wife ******? It was FANTASTIC!<br />
Thanks for your hot story and bet she is "killer *****"!

I watch my hot wife **** other men all of the time! Very, very hot and exciting!

HOTT HOTT HOTT !!! Love that storie!!!

Great story.

I too, found your experience very arousing. Good to see wife in extacy.

Very exciting, thanks

Thanks for sharing.Your picturisation of the story is very nice.All the movements are clearly done in front of the eyes.

Thanks for a great story! This is really how a hot couple should be...

Fantastic story! I Love that stuff!