Wife W/ Friend

Favorite time was when I shared her w a buddy of mine that they have been flriting w/ eachother for years. Was fun seeing him finnlaly get what he wanted and did he enjoy using her, and seeing her enjoy him using her!!! Very hot!

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Very hot

I enjoy watching my wife getting ****** with some young boys of above 18. I used to tell her to get ****** by some guys as she is so beutiful. But she is not interested. I really like to **** her elder sister alone once and along with my wife too. Both are cute. I want to **** my sister-in-law in the presence of my wife as she promotes the play with her sister. Later I'll **** both. I agreed, if I am getting your sister you can have sex with any one in front of me too.

always loved my wife get pleasured by other men makes our sex life fantastic. as I am writing this away from home on a trip my wife is sharing with me how she enjoyed ******* her old boyfriend. he did not give her time to wash up tore off her panty and started eating her ***** right away. after the first fast round they had some drink and ****** like crazy for the next 3 hrs. I just cant wait to go back home and **** her like mad

It awesome watching my wife get ******* with another guy ******* her bareback, and watch as she drains all the *** from his **** in her wet *****.

Very nice.

It unfolded when we talked of her w/ another guy. she had flirted w/ guys in bars and even let some over time feel her up several times and dance. However, she always thought my friend was cute and said she would like to do more if he was interested. I told her im sure he is. ONe night of dirnking I hinted to my friend that after drinking she can be a bit too much just for me..he said hell I could always help. I told him I'm sure she would not m ind..we just kinda laughed and when she came back to the table I told her what we said. SHe said for sure sounds fun. Thus the start of her having sex w/ him and now many other guys.

Details, details....lol

How did it unfold?? was she willing right from the start??

he was lucky to share

Sounds like a fun time really was had by all. Glad you all enjoyed the fun.