Feminine And Happy

hello friends, first of all I want to shout I am proud and very happy feeling both blessed an gifted being a crossdesser, I treasur my feminine side and the best times of my life are when I am out presenting as a woman. Those of you whos wifes accept and support the expression of your feminine side are so very lucky, I hope you truly realize just how lucky you are.. In my case my wife totally hates my CDing, to her I am an abomination, except for pantiesI am not alllowed to be dressed at home, so was promptd to adapt and learn how to adapt to being in public as a woman, I have grown to fel like the real me and go about anywhere i wish as a woman. Jean Marie aka David
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8 Responses Nov 20, 2010

I'm so sorry about your wife. Its terrible that she doesn't understand.

Hi Jean Marie, Your fem name is lovely. Sorry to hear your wife is not supportive of your cross dressing.

hi an yes my wife hates it to

At the moment am single live on own and CD in apartment but not outside but feel happier able to express my fem side even if at home.A new partner will have to accept me for who I am.

My motto is.................If you like it, do it.<br />
I have been wearing silk lingerie for almost 40 years, because I like the feeling next to my skin.

I am so sad for you too. I will ask my partner Val to make a comment to encourage you with our hobby. From the replies that you have had to your post you at least have some lovely understanding friends on here. Best wishes<br />

I guess bottom line she is no my true friend, Part of tis is due to her up bringing, she was taught all sex was eveil and a woman was not supposed to ever enjoy sex. I am now on female hormone, she does not know.

So sorry for your wife but you need to be you.<br />
My wife supports me because we are best friends, first and foremost.<br />
She hates sex and all that comes with it.<br />
She understood that I was and should be happy with me. Instead of fighting me she accepted me. She loves to help me dress and that way I leave her alone about sex. Win-win situation. I go on dates with guys and she wishes me happy nights.<br />
If your wife is your true friend, how can she deny you happiness you feel inside?<br />
A CD thought<br />