I believe my husband may have low T levels. I can be pantiless in a mini skirt and still it won't get a rise out of him. I cant say im a model but i believe im fairly sexy. I can't say for sure but recently I just made a connection. My man used to juice up waaaay back in the day. I heard that can interfere with T levels years later. Is that true? Does anyone have experience with this? A part of me hopes this is the reason because then that won't mean it's because he doesn't find me attractive anymore... then on the other hand...does that mean it can't be cured????

Any opinions or advice or experience with this is greatly appreciated!
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I would certainly have a different reaction to a miniskirt with no panties

I'm another one of those men who craves the kind of seduction you offered to your husband. Not responding to an attractive woman wearing a miniskirt and no panties seems pretty abnormal, which is one reason to consider whether it is medical.

There is a lot of information about steroid abuse and its effects online. One of the problems, though, is that it is very hard to study, because a long term clinical trial using athlete doses would be unethical, and if you try to study current users, there is a good chance some will lie about whether or how much they take.

Shrunken testicles and reduced ***** count have been documented, and it is certainly possible those would also be related to reduced libido. My guess is when taking steroids, the body compensates by suppressing natural production of T. Then , how long does it take the body to recover, and produce adequate T on its own?

Simpler response: He should see a doctor!
You should run seduction workshops for spouses of EP members?

I would love to see you in a mini skirt !!!!!!

Does it usually correlate with football season?

Lol no

If you haven't taken him to the doctor, it would be a good idea because there could be a lot of different reasons. I get frustrated with mine, but he gets better after the Super Bowl.

Ha he is a football lover but sadly it's all year round

Well, if the mini isn't doing it....

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Careful for what you wish for lol ,after seeing a endocrinologist I was diagnosed with Klinerfelters syndrome .. Since then my life has been turned upside down mostly for the better .i now get juiced up every sixteen weeks legally as my body doesn't produce enough testosterone by it's self ,apparently not uncommon in men over forty ..
Personally I feel 100% better when on Neibido /testosterone . The only ting is i crave sex 24/7 ..

There must be something he can do to correct that... He's a lucky guy to have someone who cares and tries to initiate romance .. I hope things get better for you 😊

I don't know about you or your husband. But me and my wife are going through the same thing. I KNOW EXACTLY what it is with me, though I won't mention it here

Steroids cause allot of issues . One of which is sexual . Your nads shrink and produce less testosterone . I'm not certain if you rebound after that . I would have him tested .

Working out (weights)should help if he doesn't wanna take supplements. Change in diet also improves T levels

Very common. If you want info on all that stuff read The Hormone Cure (it's mainly female related) but it'll give you insight on how all hormones work together to achieve balance. It's sooo common especially in people are either under exercise or are burnt out.. Generally other mood dampeners accompany it. Definitely worth getting tested.

How old is he? I have to ask a stupid question... What is "juice up"? I've read and heard that a huge portion of men have sexual performance issues in middle age these days... that's apparently why there are so many Viagra and similar advertisements on TV.

He's 36 and juice I mean steroids.