I Dont Know If Im Gay

all my friends talk about women a lot but I have no interest and make up things just so they think I am a real mans man but sometimes I have homosexual fantasies about men oiling each other. I am still attracted to females but sometimes feel more attracted to men I have not had any gay relations what should I do
harmeet111 harmeet111
26-30, M
3 Responses Nov 29, 2013

Do u find that the thought of naked men makes u want to **********?

maybe you're Bi........happy happy best of both !

Well, it sounds like you are either gay or bi-sexual but mostly gay. I have fantasies of two men enjoying each other's...company. I am watching them and when they see me they run after me & I am very scared. But then it turns out they just want me to join in the fun. I can't write any more right now because I...erm...I...have to go do...something.