I Have Been There And Done That W/one Female

I have known and sometimes get together w/a strong female. However, as the old saying goes "Be careful what you ask. You might get it.". I have been very lucky. It just happened to be the neighbor down the street.
We get together once in a while. She is not large w/freaky muscels, but she was an athelete. She is stronger than I am.
ronnyjayh ronnyjayh
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

How big or the size of your gymnast's thighs? and how big were other muscles such as biceps? and yes i can believe she didn't know her own strength behind her scissors holds! You ever arm-wrestle her?

You ever wrestle the gymnast! and has she ever used her legs or thighs on you in scissor holds? I guess if you hadn't? the power and strength she had in her legs and thighs would have been very scary to feeling her crushing you!

Yes, on a few occassions, I have suffered under a bodyscissors, & nearly passed out the 1st time (she didn't know her own leg strength). I suffered bruised ribs from that experience. It scared her more than it did me. She would not do a headscissors because of that fearful experience. I'll bet that she could have killed me if she had headscissored.

would like to hear more your experiences with this strong woman