Michelle, At The Costume Party

Good news everyone, Iv been informed by my friend and para more that I'm the father of her forthcoming  bundle of joy. We hooked up at a mutual friends holloween party while her husband ( my former coworker) was passed out and Allie was outta town. I had him going shot for shot with a buddy from the fire house while Michelle and I were out in my back porch having a smoke. Well it was freezing out and she cuddled up to me, she was in a German milk maid out fit with her cleavage spilling out, and cute lil pig tails. I was in a noce black suit and a lil zombie make up. We flirted a bit then I leaned in and kissed her, we made out like teenagers for 10 mins when her hubby burst through the door and pukes over the rail... Never noticing his wife on my lap. Well when he had recovered she insisted they go home, he drunkenly snapped, refused and told her off. He started chanting rally rally rally and rejoined the group. As the door closed she was back in my lap clearly upset, enough to grind her lil hips into my stiff ****. I asked her if she wanted to take thing upstairs " Ooo I wanna but we shouldn't...... I'm not on the pill.... Do you have a condom?" haha. I heard through the grape vine that they had been trying for a baby for nearly a year. I told her I had some rubbers inside and to meet me upstairs once things quieted down and we wouldn't be missed. Well the party went on till I noticed Ryan her hub blacked out in the den. I went to myths upstairs bathroom to we're the host ( also a swinger) stashed his party favors, I took a couple of the basic latex and then I notice a sample pack of cialas. Probly spelled it wrong but w/e it's like Viagra. Well I popped two. Then took the pocket knife my wife had given me and placed little holes in the first 3 of the six condoms.  Then I washed up a bit and as I opened the door I find Michelle in the doorway, much more drunk than I last saw her , I guess she needed a lil liquid courage. Well I picked her up and carried her to the guest room, locking the door I layed her on the bed and began to kiss her as I removed her costume. She was drunk but I didn't realize how hammer till she started sucking my thick 9in ****. Stopping only to slur some dirty talk, telling me how big it was and how she was soo tight and wet. I layed her back and started rubbing my throbbing tip on her **** and lips. She asked if I had a condom and I told her I did but I really prefer bare. Telling her id pull out,She said no way on account of her ovulating. Told me her n Ryan were supposed to try that night and that she had been on fertility drugs
Well I pull out one of the in picked rubbers and placed it on my **** as I slowly slid into her, she gasped and moaned as I pumped her lil *****. She was Sooo tight she clearly hadn't had a big **** in her in a longtime. Soon I felt my tip tap her cervix as I thrust deeper and harder she's yelp n buck each time I tapped her cervix. I was ravaging her hard as she came shaking and squealing. I bent her over and ****** her from behind bringing her to another climax before I drained a hug load into the resivour tip, I stayed inside her till she started to nod off. I pulled out and kissed her neck and rubbing her *** as I asked if she was ready to go again. She said she was gonna pass out, and I could do whatever I pleased to her just use a rubber. I got up to go to the bathroom, I took the rubber off my **** and admired the abnormally large load inside, I lightly tied it off placing the full condom on the count watching to make sure it didn't leak. I then replaced it and went back to find her out like a light. I took out my phone n snapped a few pics of her rolling her over to get in all. I then spent the next 30 min raping the **** outta her lil married ***** till I filled a second rubber, I returned to the bathroom and tied it off I took those to condom, untied them the lightly twisted the tip to seal it the turned it inside out and gingerly placed it on my again stiff ****. I took her hips and placed a few pillows under her to get her *** in the air and get gravity working in my favor. I gently worked it deeper into her now gaping *****, I felt the pressure of her cervix on the ballon of fertile seed, I grabed the base of the condom and pulled it as I felt it spin and unravel on my tip as I pushed deeper into her forcing my payload into her womb. I repeated this wih the second rubber. Then topped her off by ******* her bare one last time and unloading deep inside her. She spent all night *** in the air with that cream poolin inside her. Woke up the next day at 6, i rolled over ontop of her as she riggle her *** back into me she mumbled mmm honeyy as i Ninnled her neck. I then trust deep into her. She awaked with a shocked gasp and expression. Clearly forgot im not her hubby, we ****** again With one of the pricked rubbers and sent her to find her sleeping hub. I'm a big fan of this condom trick :) used it several times now get me at collegeck69 on yah.o.o
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Great story. Breeding is intense, isn't it? when you know its likely to produce a kid.