I wish I could marry even if no sex

I wish I could marry with all what comes with it, love, passion, sex, and caring, i wish i could meet some one, who needs me, , to love , to care, to enjoys love an intimacy,but it is soo hard to find one to marry or to live WITH SO MANY GAMES: ,because, so many have chain of relation since they be in puberty, with all the partenerS in life, till they meet the next,why it is so hard, , and soo many games and strange machooism to get and choose from the best ones,i want to be some one who needs me, all the way, and who I need and love all the way,I can even sacrify to have lesser sex or more or no sex atall, if I find my soul mate, to love her and let her to love me, all the way, ,but how you make a norman woman to love some one, by a woman who has seen so much lovers ,from soo many lovers, to develope hard skin, replace by sensitivity of loving relation ship., , i am not talking about just food and shoping to get conned and washed, instead of passion, to love to stay for ever as soul and intimate mates, all the way, but i wonder, will a normal man , a loving man has balls to stay in a relation with a woman where there is no sex and intimacy involved,I wonder if it hard, to sleep by my wife of my partner, in bed or with fences arround my partener, to avoid the touch you need so desperatly,why it is so complicated, for simple good christians, or for careing people,, why one has to be machoo, why we can have match makers, just like employment exchange, to help the people, why people cant ask thier pasters, like in mormon churches, or as in jewish faith, to get arranged to get over with live happy ever after, , ant to simmer down, and get soggy time to time at last, and mission is complete, , and to say amen, ,, why people must suffer, to find thier parteners,, I wish even I f some one will provide me the crumbs of thier love and marriage, that lasts for ever,, Because even there so many who need some one, but this distructive culture has distroyed very basics of need of simple man and woman, to find each other to be complete,,, what about human rights, to have right to find a wife or a husband, , , with mission of love and satsfaction for each other and for the rest of the western fast fashionable world,, I dont give a dam about humanright in china or russia, or in pro american middle east, or cuba,or Iran ,as we blinded by prapaganda of our gvernments, about human rights in adversary country, but so many suffer in west to be alone ,workind hard for no reason, no husbands , no children, , no families, no ways to find you soul mates,,w here are our human rights, where there is no escape, other than the war to keep us busy in drug of fanatic and sucidal patriotism, to be distroy the poor military families to sent them to kill and gett killed. , at mass scale, to escape from, the lonely and love less lives in america,no husbands, no passion, ,no kids, no families, no faith, no where to escape but to army, in hopelessness,an escape from real life where love is absent, as we live in capitalist fast world,stacking and best at rolling the sickening money that replaces love .I WISH I KNEW; IF SOME ONE TAKES RISK TO LOVE ME AND TO MARRY ME LATTER; WITH INTIMACY OR EVEN WITHOUT INTIMACY;i WILL BE EVEN HAPPY WITH CRUMBS OF YOUR LOVE; ;;I WILL LOVE AND CARE; AS I HAVE SO MUCH TO GIVE; AS SOME SIAD WITH BREAD ALONE ONE CANT LIVE forever:AS I HAVE LEARNED THE LESSONS OF LIFE
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I completely support the idea of you getting help so u can enjoy life- and not reflect your negative outlooks towards other ppl on this site. It's good to have attitudes like yours to show others how bad some lives can be tho so thank you for that, HAVE A POSITIVE DAY : )

Greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ who LOVES ALL LIFE.<br />
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As I am sitting here reading what you are saying but also hearing what you are not saying....It seems to me that you have been HURT by alot of people who have claimed to have loved you but only to see what they can get out of you. I would like for you to do me a favor and see how this works for you everynight for the next week promise me that before you go to lay down in your bed that you would sit on the end of the bed and first hug yourself keeping your arms around you saying that you love you for who God has made you to be and then pray to God that he would allow you to have an open mind to see whithin you who he is calling you to be...can you please do that for me and then write me back and let me know how it is going for you because you and I are our brother and sister keepers according to God's word so I will be your keeper making sure that you are alright.