One thing I've always wanted but never had is a girl friend , now don't get me wrong I've had lots of girlfriends as a guy , but the girl insde me has never had a girl friend , no one to talk girl stuff with , no one to have a pajama party with, one one to borrow clothes from . I really would have liked some girl friends .
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1 Response Aug 16, 2014

I totally get that. I am starting that kind of relationship with my lady after two decades together. It is fun to shop with her for girly stuff, I always helped her find good cute stuff, but then I would only have jeans and flannel, boring! She is starting to come around to how much I need to crossdress, and being cool about it. It is hard to be fem and not have anybody to talk to. I think that this EP is kinda cool for the forum oprtunity that it provides.