I Am A Sissy ****

I stand to be corrected but a **** is someone who will do anything sexual for a partner. In my training by MistressL my wife I have been in my cb-3000 up to 3months without release and still must serve her orally or with my strap on any time she wants. Her favorite thing is to allow penetrative sex and an ****** during the heavy days of her period and then go down and lick her clean and give her an ******. I have been trained to suck on her strap on until she gets a second ****** from the ***** on the inside or using an in and out ***** and a harness on the leather hood I must wear with this so she can pull the artificial **** in as hard and fast as she wants. The funny part is that I am so submissive to her and love our lifestyle so much I could not live any other way
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totally understand!

To be allowed to go down on a woman during her period is the greatest honor. That is such an intimate time for a woman and it is so special because it relates to her ability to produce life. you are very lucky your mistress allows you to be involved during this sacred time. Enjoy

O MY GOD!!!!!! That is so nasty sexy!!!!!